~ COVID-19: Masks are required and hands must be sanitized upon entering. We clean the studio before each appointment and dresses are steam cleaned inbetween each wear.

~Ideally book your appointment 4 months ahead of your wedding day to give enough time to think about the options without time pressure. Our ready to wear collection consists of gowns that you can take home the same day. For new dresses, our production time line is 10-12 weeks but we are often able to accommodate rush orders – please enquire.

~Our bridal lounge is small with a relaxed atmosphere. Due to space restrictions, we can accommodate you and a maximum of 3 guests. This enables us to focus 100% on your vision.

~ It is crucial to us that you as a bride have the final decision making power. Bring only individuals who know you well, are considerate and prioritize your needs. Let your guests know what you are looking for as their enthusiam or opinion can sometimes overwhelm. 

~You will be assisted by a consultant who will listen to your ideas and suggest suitable designs based on her experience. She will help you in and out of dresses, which means she might see you in your undies. We do provide a modesty robe should you require it.

~ Wear the same color underwear as your skin. Shape wear can make a big difference for the fit of the dress so if you plan to wear it on your wedding, it is helpful to wear the same at the fitting. A stick-on bra works best for our backless styles. We stock these should you need one.

~You are welcome to share dress styles you like with the consultant, so why not bring them along to the appointment or email them to us in advance.

~Aim to have already decided what heel height you intend to wear on your wedding so we can calculate the length of your gown. 

~It is a good idea to be a bit “done up” with hair and eyemakeup so you can get a sense of the final look. However we ask all brides to not wear lipstick or foundation when trying on the gowns. Please do not apply body cream or skin oil directly before coming to your fitting.

~No dogs, or children under the age of 10 are allowed in the studio. Our premises are smoke and drug free. This is to ensure the most pleasant and productive atmosphere for you.

~ We recommend you to arrive nourished and hydrated so that the decision making process is not compromised in any way.

~No food or drink may be consumed in the dressing room.

~ Most important of all: arrive with an open mind and open heart as your dream dress might not be the one you initially thought!


Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 1000 -1730
Wednesday: 1000-1730
Thursday: 1000-1730
Friday: 0900-1300
Saturday: 0900-1300
Sunday: 0900-1300


Whatsapp/ Telephone: +27(0)-793994402

Call, email or use our bookings page to book your appointment with one of our friendly stylists.

We look forward to meeting you!

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