Tiffany + Warren

Wedding date: September 24, 2022

Dress: Petula by Jo Malin

How did you and your Husband meet?
Warren and I met through having mutual friends. We were friends for about a year before going on our first date.

Tell me about your proposal story?
We went for dinner at Pigelle to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. Throughout the night, he looked a bit nervous but I didn’t think much of it. When my dessert came I saw him move down to one knee and on the dessert plate I was presented with a “will you marry me”. This is when he asked the question himself and I immediately said yes! The night was amazing from the delicious food to the live band creating a great romantic atmosphere to sharing this special moment with my now husband. 

What was most important to you when planning your wedding?
The main thing for me was 100% my dress followed by food and decor. 

How did you feel when you first stepped into your wedding dress?
At first nervous, because it was one of the first dresses I tried on so how could I just say this is the dress? But when the nerves settled. I knew this is the one and I felt like an absolute princess. I could already see me in this dress on the wedding day. 

How did you know it was ‘the One’/ what did you love most about it?
I knew it was the one because it made me feel so comfortable and also excited about the day itself. I immediately could envision myself on my wedding day walking down the aisle in this dress. I loved that I felt beautiful in the dress while also feeling comfortable. 

Did you have a specific theme for your wedding? If so, please tell me about it.
Yes it was a very natural rustic look that we wanted. The decor was natural plants and earthy greens to create a magical/mystical feel. This theme fit perfectly with my dress!

Where was your wedding and who was your photographer? Why did you choose them?
The wedding took place at Jakal River Country Estate in Grabouw and my photographer was Kayla Pietersen (@one23cheesephotography). When looking for a wedding venue we were looking for something cozy, and natural but elegant and different. Immediately when we stepped foot on the estate and met with Dwayne (owner & co-ordinator) we knew we found our venue. There wasn’t much that needed to be done because of the character that the venue had already which perfectly matched our theme. When we found Kayla’s work, it was so amazing how she captured all the emotions in each picture almost making you feel like you were there yourself. It was a no-brainer after we met up with her for an engagement shoot that she was our photographer. She made us feel so comfortable and at ease doing silly things because she knew it would make a good photo.

Describe the essence of your wedding day, and what you experienced?
Most of our guests arrived at the venue the Friday before the wedding as we had cottages on the same premises. We enjoyed a light dinner the night before and some pre-celebrations. The day came so quickly but it was one of the most relaxed and exciting days I could have imagined. Everything ran smoothly, mostly thanks to Dwayne, Lezelle and their team at Jakal River. I could honestly feel the love all around me that day from everyone that was around us.

Do you have any words of wisdom for newly engaged couples planning their wedding?
Take things in your stride and enjoy the process. Things are not always going to go according to plan but look for the positive and move on to adjusting the plan. Its a beautiful jourmey to walk with your partner so dont get caught up in the hustle and bustle or stress. 

+Anything else about you rexperienced at Sheer Bride you want to share?

The first time I entered Sheer Bride it was so cozy and warm – Jo really makes you feel so welcome and comfortable! It was such a great experience going there as Jo took the time to get to know me and my wedding plans first before the actual fitting. The care and consideration she puts into finding you a dress makes the whole experience less stressful and more fun and exciting!


Venue: Jackal River Country Estate

Food: Dre Johnson Inc

Hair color: LilyLou Hair

Hair on the day, make up & nails: Justnailedbyjade

Cake: Mon Ami Cakes

Lashes: Beautynetwork

Photographer: One23cheese photography