Monique + Bertram

Wedding date: September 10, 2022
Dress: Isola by Jo Malin

How did you and your Husband meet?

We met in 2014 at OR Tambo International Airport when we were both part of a Media24 graduate program. He was kind enough to help me get my massive suitcase off the carousel. Neither of us knew the other one is part of the program! We became friends during our time in Johannesburg, and then later when we were back in Cape Town… a couple 🙂

Tell me about your proposal story?

I’ve been ready for several years already for Bertram to pop the question as we both wanted to get married. I honestly didn’t think he’d be able to surprise me, as I was always expecting it whenever we went somewhere special. On 12 December we went for wine tasting with friends in Stellenbosch, and little did I know that he had planned to propose that day with my family and friends bearing witness. I’m more surprised my mom kept it a secret for so long! Haha! 

What was most important to you when planning your wedding?

Having our family and friends around us that day.

How did you feel when you first stepped into your wedding dress?

I have never felt more beautiful and sexy than that moment. In fact, the first dress Jo gave me to try on took my breath away. I actually cried because it hit me: “You’re a bride!” Then Jo brought out my wedding dress, it was a wildcard because it was in no way on my “vision board.” But wow, I loved the feel of the satin, the way it made me feel, and my mom and sister’s reactions were priceless! I never wanted a veil, but when Jo suggested we pair it to see how it would look…oh my word! Once again, the look took my breath away. Now I’m planning to keep the veil to give to my daughter one day, God willing, or daughter-in-law 🙂

How did you know it was ‘the One’/ what did you love most about it?

It made me feel sexy, powerful, beautiful and still whimsical at the same time. I loved the fact that it’s so light, I of course did a dance test in it! Best part: IT HAS POCKETS AND A HUGE BOW!!

Did you have a specific theme for your wedding? If so, please tell me about it.

All we wanted was a reflection of who we are as a couple: unpretentious, carefree, warm, romantic… We wanted people to feel relaxed, so we went for simple, yet beautiful and romantic, with rustic features on the tables.

Where was your wedding and who was your photographer? Why did you choose them?

Our wedding was at The Range in Tokai, Mdu and Tshidi Twala were our photographers. We chose the venue because we fell in love with the gorgeous stone chapel. We chose the Twalas because they are a super sweet couple who made us feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Describe the essence of your wedding day, and what you experienced?

It was everything I wanted it to be! Simple, warm, filled with so much love and laughter. I got to dance the night away with my husband and family and friends. It was also very emotional because my mother-in-law had passed shortly before the wedding, yet we felt her spirit and I see her every day in all of Bertram’s wonderful qualities.

Do you have any words of wisdom for newly engaged couples planning their wedding?

WRITE YOUR SPEECHES! I took for granted how emotional I would be, so I didn’t prepare a speech, and that’s the one regret I have because there was so much I wanted to say and so many people I wanted to thank, but the emotions got the better of me so I just rambled through it. Also, accept help! If people want to bless you by helping in any way, don’t be proud: take it! We were so blessed with our incredible support system of family and friends helping us every step of the way. 

+Anything else about your experience at Sheer Bride you would like to share

If I could do one part of the wedding process over (besides the first moment I saw my husband at the altar), it would be my first consultation with Jo. That was the day I felt like a bride for the first time, she made me feel so incredibly special, without any pressure of even returning. I would recommend Sheer Bride to any bride!

Venue: The Range, Tokai
Photographers: The Twalas
Decor: Rochelle Koeberg & Natalie Jackson (friends)
Dress: Jo Malin at Sheer Bride
Signage: Andrea Compton (friend)
Candles: The Candle Factory Shop
Cake: Janice de Castro
Guestbook: Creative Albums