Anria + Michael

Wedding date: September 10, 2022
Dress: Ella Rose
from the Boho Bridal collection

How did you and your Husband meet? 

I guess not the most romantic of stories but we met at work. Michael actually interviewed me for a position (and still today said that’s not the reason he hired me), but we were friends long before we started dating. I think having such a great working partnership also really helps as we understand each other so well on this level too. Working in the creative industry is hard and it is tough on relationships. Erratic and long hours, travel and shoots can take its toll on a relationship so for us having the bonus of working together really helped as well. Not everyone likes working with their partner but I can truly say that we enjoy it! 

Tell me about your proposal story? 

I had absolutely no idea that Michael was planning to propose last year October! We’ve been together for almost 5 years and we decided to take a trip to Namibia with friends of ours. Namibia’s always had a place in Michael’s heart as he’s been there many times before. The trip was full of surprises with cars breaking down, which led to an extended stay in Swakopmund, which delayed some of our other plans. When we arrived in Sossusvlei I truly experienced the incredible desert and landscapes, the dunes stretching for miles and miles. It was breath-taking. 

On what I believed was our last day, Michael had planned for us to go explore one of the highest dunes in Sossusvlei where he ended up proposing during one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever had the privilege to experience. Little did I know that he also planned for us to stay on another few days ina gorgeous lodge where you literally stepped out from your room into the desert! It was magical for sure! 

What was most important to you when planning your wedding? 

Given that Michael and I are both laid-back people, we wanted the wedding planning to be stress-free and fun. 

We didn’t want to overspend and decided to take our time to find the right suppliers that will fit what we had in mind. It was so worth it! 

How did you feel when you first stepped into your wedding dress? 

The very first dress I fitted was the dress I ended up choosing! It made me feel dreamy and romantic. 

What a special moment I will treasure forever.

How did you know it was ‘the One’/ what did you love most about it?

I saw the Ella Rose gown on the Sheer Bride website and knew then already that I love it. It was flowy, with 

layers and layers of soft tulle! When I put it on it was so comfortable and really represented me as a person. 

Jo knew this from the start and she was so incredibly helpful with the dresses she pulled for me at my first fitting! 

Did you have a specific theme for your wedding? If so, please tell me about it.

We wanted a boho festival wedding in the forest where we can just have a celebration of love. We wanted dreamy, romantic and earthy with a laid-back atmosphere and this is exactly what we ended up having. Our colour palette was soft tones of pink, sage green and terracotta that complimented the venue so well. We had a live 5-piece brass band and it was such a great evening dancing the night away under the stars. 

Where was your wedding and who was your photographer? Why did you choose them?

We knew we wanted to get married in a forest but many of the venues that are more well-known were completely out of our budget and were way too strict with what we planned to do. We heard about Cherry Glamping in Elgin and were so surprised by how beautiful it was! It was perfect for what we had envisioned and we ended up having the ceremony outside under the oak trees and our reception in their tented venue that added to our festival theme. 

Going with Kusjka du Plessis as our photographer was a no-brainer. She’s a creative, she understood us and what we wanted, and her style is unique and incredible. 

She focuses on the moments and captures them documentary style. When we got our photos we ended up crying from happiness! She just got it! It was like experiencing each of the moments over again!  

Describe the essence of your wedding day, and what you experienced?

A day where we could celebrate love. We had a small and intimate wedding with only our closest family and friends. 

We had time to speak to everyone and really spend time with the people we love while still having plenty of time to also where we could enjoy each other’s company. Because we kept things simple, things flowed so easily the whole day. 

Nothing was rushed, nothing felt forced. It was an extension of who we are as a couple and this is how a wedding day should be.  

Do you have any words of wisdom for newly engaged couples planning their wedding?

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

2. Do your research about suppliers and venues and take your time before choosing. There might be plenty of options out there but we found that there were many hidden costs and lots of rules. Since we wanted to do things a specific way, which was very different to other weddings, we were so glad to have found a venue that allowed couples a blank canvas. 

3. There are amazing wedding suppliers out there that are affordable AND incredible! 

4. Hire a wedding coordinator! Even if it’s just for the day’s coordination. We couldn’t have done it without our incredible team from El-kah Creative! 

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. We met with so many suppliers before settling with the ones for our special day. We chose people that 

didn’t push their own ideas and was open to discussing and making it about us. 

6. Read the fine print of supplier contracts. There might be things that you weren’t told and might be a deal-breaker at the end. 

7. Don’t let friends and family interfere with what you want to do. They would of course want to be part of everything but remember that it is YOUR day celebrating with your hubby to be! It is ultimately about you guys – just remember that. 

8. And don’t forget to have fun!! It goes by so fast so take moments during the day to just take it all in! Enjoy this exciting time ahead. 

10. Anything else you would like to share?

I have to share that I was so happy when I found Jo and Sheer Bride!! It was like a breath of fresh air! I can’t thank her enough for the amazing experience I had. It was the first thing I could check off my list! I found my wedding dress even before the venue! Thank you so much again Jo!!! 


Venue: Cherry Glamping, Elgin
Wedding co-ordinators: Ehl-Ka Creative
Bridal earrings: Modest Mums
Makeup & Hair: Blush Babe
Grooms outfit: Kale & Co
Decor, Bouquet & Lighting: 4 Every Event
Bouquet wrap: Naturally Macrame
Staffing & Bar service: On the Scene
Sound: Rolling audio
DJ: DJ Paul
Bag pipers: Cape Town Highlanders Pipe Band
The Band: Nomadic Orchestra
Marriage Officier: Marius Greeff
Pastor: George Moolman
Catering: Belia King Catering
Cake: Sweet Lion Heart