10 things to keep in mind when looking for your wedding dress

Shopping for your wedding gown is one of the most wonderful parts in your preparation to become a Bride. This is an exciting journey – but as you perhaps never went shopping for a  profound garment like this before, there are a number of factors to keep in mind before you try on a gown. In this post we will discuss some of the things which are going to be good to know beforehand,  and this should make you feel more confident as you begin the search.


1. Timeline

Jo Malin couture

We recommend you start your wedding dress search eight to ten months before the wedding. As your dress will be made from scratch, plus the fittings, you need to have enough of time to find the right dress, and once you have, all of us making it will need time to finish the dress perfectly. You want to be able to look for a dress without having to rush.
Plan to buy no less than 6 months before, or you might end up with unnecessary stress before the wedding.

2. Budget

Planning your bridal budget ahead of time will help you know what range of dresses to look at. Establish a figure that you are comfortable with, this will make the process of elimination quicker.

Don’t forget to leave room in the budget for shoes, veil, accessories, undergarments and alterations, so a total budget is going to help you when searching for a dress.


3. Venue and style

Jo Malin Couture

If you know what wedding you’re planning and where it is going take place, you will find it much easier to establish the dress style you are looking for.
Knowing your venue and theme will narrow down the criteria of dresses that suit the occasion best. Of course you can wear whatever you want where ever you want, but if you’re getting married in a forest a tightly fitted sequin mermaid gown may not be the most cohesive fit. Or if you bought a satin ball gown and end up eloping to Malta in July, it will save you from having to replace the dress for a more climate friendly design.


4. Wedding date

The design and type of fabric could all depend the time of the year. An outdoors summer wedding dress has very different properties that one which is better suited for winter, so before you purchase a minimal boho frock for an early summer wedding, and your dream venue turns out only to be available in late autumn, you might find that wish you went for something more cozy. (Although if you find yourself in this situation this can always solved this with a cape or bridal jacket)

If your date is not set yet, it is at least helpful to know which season, at least.


5. Silhouette


Wedding dresses come in many different shapes and designs. Knowing how to dress for your shape is perhaps not anything we are concerned about on a daily basis, but when it comes to wedding dresses there are formulas that help you look and feel your best.

It is not solely about looks, but more importantly your confidence in the dress. Learning the codes behind bridal fashion is good to know as it can be otherwise a mystery why certain dresses look better than others.

Having some awareness of dress silhouettes will help you reduce the number of dresses you have to try on before finding the perfect fit.
Learn everything you need to know about dress silhouettes here


6. Dress Style

It is likely that you’re not sure what style of wedding dress will suit your wedding and your preferences.  A guideline could be the atmosphere for your wedding day that you are planning, for example elegant, low key, and etc.

A good place to start is asking yourself what do you think you will feel most fabulous in. It is helpful to have key words to share with your consultant, who will have a idea of the dress which will bring on that look.


7. Lifestyle


Many Brides are hoping to get into shape for their wedding day. The key to a stress-free dress shopping experience is to not buy a wedding dress too small because you want to lose weight before the wedding.
It is much easier to adjust the dress down than up, so save yourself the stress of it not fitting and buy the dress in the size that fits comfortably now.
Closer to the wedding our experienced seamstress will adjust the seams to a perfect fit.


8. Inner bride

I often hear entourages say things like “this dress  is so YOU” or “this  is not your style” etc. But think about it: how would they know who your Inner Bride is? Because the two can be worlds apart.
Don’t let anybody else dictate your style for you – stay true to your inner Bride because nobody else but you knows her – not even your bestie or mum!

Go with your own instinct. Don’t let your entourage mislead you with their opinions. Choose with your personal style and comfort in mind. If you feel great when you wear it, then you know this might be the one!

Remember that your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to live out your wildest dreams, and you have no better excuse to go for something unexpected. In other words, you can be as flamboyant or understated as you want, regardless of what others say.

9. Options


If you see a dress you like on the website, phone ahead before you book an appointment to make sure it is in stock.

Should you not find your dream dress in the salon, you have the opportunity to design your own dress with us for a unique couture experience, where you get to choose the shape, details and fabric entirely on your own.

It is also possible to buy or rent sample dresses at the atelier. You can check what is currently in stock on in our sample catalog.


10. Last: trust the process!

As you start dreaming about dresses, you might find that it is confusing to know what is the best dress for you. Look at dresses online and in magazines to get ideas, but don’t form strong opinions until you have tried a few dresses.
Have ideas of style aspects that you love, and be aware of what you don’t. But remain open to dresses that you initially didn’t have in mind – because they might surprise you.
Showing images of styles of interest will be helpful, but once you are at the salon, hand control over to the consultant and trust the process. Any dress could be the one!

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