A guide to popular wedding dress silhouettes

The world of wedding dress silhouettes may seem overwhelming, so with this guide I’d like to help you  navigate better towards the perfect dress for your wedding.

Sometimes it is hard to put a finger on what is and what isn’t right about a dress, but knowing a few things about the popular shapes, you’ll be able to crack the code of wedding dress design.
Remember to always arrive to the salon with an open mind, because you can only tell which is the One once you are wearing the dress.
The Bridal consultant might find you something which you never guessed could be your dress. A flexible mindset will open possibilities that might lead you to a dress which is even better than what you had imagined.



A line wedding dress

Fitted to the waist, then expanding into a A shape skirt, this is the most classic wedding dress style that will suit every body shape.
The A-line dress is also perfect for any destination and season of the year. You can easily change the dress with a train such as sweep, court or a cathedral train, depending on the venue and your personal preference.
Within the category, you can find Slim A-lines – it means that the dress flares less and the profile of the dress slimmer.


Modified A-line

Modified A line wedding dress

The Modified A-line is fitted to the top part of your hips, and then flares into an A skirt.The fabric is fitted around the hips, and then flares like a standard A-line skirt. Slim A-lines and modified A-line are -just as their big sister – suitable at any wedding destination, theme and venue.

This is a very flattering shape for most women, and you can enjoy both the body hugging silhouette and the drama of a big skirt.



Empire wedding dress

The Empire silhouette means the flare of the skirt starts under the bust, as opposed to at the waist, making the dress comfortable and forgiving to wear. The dress is flowy around the waist, hips and legs, giving it a playful and care free look.

Plus size Brides may also find that this silhouette helps to create a waist.



Sheath wedding dress

A  graceful and feminine dress style. The bodice is fitted to the waist like an A-line, and falls straight down to the floor without flaring.  In a Sheath, you’ll feel comfortable and effortlessly Bridal.  Due to its unstructured and natural silhouette, this silhouette dress is low-key which means your natural beauty will be enhanced and complement your figure.


Ball gown

Ball gown

This is a great choice for any Bride who  wishes to live her inner Cinderella. The dress is fitted to the waist or to the hips, and the skirt will flare out wide and has a fuller skirt, usually propped up by a petticoat or crinoline.  It is rare to get an opportunity to wear such an expansive silhouette so why not at your wedding?


Fit and Flare and Trumpet

Fit and Flare

These may seem almost like the same dress silhouette, the difference is mainly where the skirt flares. They both fit the body snugly until below the hips or mid-thigh, and then expands. The silhouette is glamorous and flattering and great to enhance the feminine shape. The Trumpet is fitted to below the hips, and Fit and Flare at mid thigh. If you as a Bride would like to look  sexy but still feel sophisticated and comfortable, then the alluring Trumpet or Fit and Flare silhouette might be for you. As movement is not as restricted as in a full Mermaid dress, the Fit and flare can still (quite) comfortably be worn for outdoors weddings. As it it only fitted to mid-thigh , you have plenty of mobility to dance the night away.




In many silhouette guides, Mermaid is the umbrella name for any fitted dress. Here in this guide, I have been particular about it and divided into the 3 categories Trumpet, F&F and Mermaid. The difference with the Mermaid is fitted to the knees, making this an utterly seductive and glamorous dress. Although also somewhat hard to walk, sit and dance in. The Mermaid silhouette is alluring and flattering, but can also be slightly unforgiving.

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