SHEER BRIDE is a Cape Town bridal studio with a carefully curated wedding dress collection that is constantly being renewed to provide our local and international brides with beautiful and stylish wedding outfits. 

Our bridal gowns are made to be as exceptional as the wearer. We want your wedding dress to be as extraordinary as you are, so we offer bridal designers that are exclusive to us on the African continent.

Every wedding gown echoes our love for innovative and chic bridal fashion. Each accessory is chosen with the sole purpose of showcasing the bride so that you can feel like the most beautiful version of yourself.

We cater for modern day brides like you, who are independent, style-savvy and original. You are not mass produced, so why should your wedding dress be?


CUSTOMIZED CREATIVITY. You can request personalized adjustments on any gown in our range to achieve a style which is truly your own.
Our production team can also create your very own design. All you need to do is to bring in your ideas, and we will work with you to make your dream dress come true.

AFFORDABLE LUXURY. We are advocates of attainable luxury for all, and you will find that our gowns are at a realistic price point. Additionally we rent gowns, and often have used samples and pre-loved styles on sale so you can aquire your dream dress at an even more reduced rate.

Our team will make sure that each dress is a dream to wear by tailoring the gown exactly to your own measurements, allowing the gown to move with your body with utter comfort. Because if you can’t dance in it, what’s the point?

Sheer Bride is a multicultural and body-positive bridal studio where we serve and treat women from all creeds, all budgets and in all sizes with the utmost respect and warmth they deserve.



what our clients say

Jo, You’re a wonderful person and I recognized, that it is not just about selling a dress for you, it’s about supporting me as a bride. Thank you for being so lovely, thank you for the beautiful dress and the friendly conversation. Wish you the best and I will send pictures after my wedding at the end of September. If you didn’t live a thousand miles away, I would ask if we could go to have a coffee 😀 it was nice to get in touch with such a nice person!

-Sandra, Germany